National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia – 400m

City Administration of Belgrade which performs administrative tasks within the rights and duties of the City of Belgrade and professional tasks for the needs of the City Assembly – 800 m

Sava Center is the largest congress, cultural and business center dedicated to organization of various multifunctional activities in Serbia and is one of the largest in the region. 4.5km

The Belgrade Zoo also known as the Garden of Good Hope is located within the Belgrade Fortress. 2km

Republic Square is the central city square in Belgrade. The National Theater is located on the Republic Square, with it’s artistic units Opera, Ballet and Drama. The National Museum, opened in 1844, is also located on the Republic Square itself. Today it represents one of the most important cultural heritage sites.  1 km

Skadarlija is one of the oldest and the most authentic streets of Belgrade. In addition to the 2 centuries old cobblestone, beautiful lighting and ambience itself, it also has a large number of restaurants. The evening in Skadarlija is filled with music, national food, talks and the best time of its kind in Belgrade.  750m

Nikola Tesla Airport is the main and the largest airport in Serbia. It is located 18 km west of Belgrade, right next to the highway, which makes it easily accessible. 20 km

Botanical Garden Jevremovac is an oasis of peace and greenery in the heart of the city. It has the status of a nature monument and is protected as a cultural monument.  200m