Global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus is for sure a fact that we cannot ignore. Unfortunately, we can’t directly influence events around us, but we can certainly do everything that’s in our power. We have prepared this text with the aim of presenting the current situation in our hotel, as well as presenting all the implemented measures. We believe that every guest, due to the measures taken at the Central Point Hotel, will primarily feel safe and secure.

Preventive measures of all our employees include regular hand hygiene, social distancing, avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth, as well as following the advice to stay at home if they have symptoms consistent with the disease. Also, wearing masks indoors is mandatory, for our employees and for the guests themselves, and the use of provided disinfectants is desirable.

Our reception team is sufficiently informed about COVID, so they can safely perform their tasks, as well as inform guests about the telephone numbers of all health
authorities and medical centers. Our adequately trained staff give special attention to cleaning and disinfecting common areas and objects that are frequently used.
At any time, you have at your disposal official and up-to-date information on preventive measures, even in the form of a presentation, for easier review of all mandatory measures in Serbia. We all have one great responsibility – to preserve our own and other people’s health!

* The text contains information and recommendations that have been downloaded from
the official website of the World Health Organization.